Larry Butterfield Joins Chelsea Area Fire Authority to Prevent Fires


To help educate on dryer fire safety and prevention during National Fire Prevention month in October, Dryer Vent Wizard (DVW) Larry Butterfield and the Dryer Vent Wizard home office joined the Chelsea Area Fire Authority Open House and discussed dryer vent safety.

Poorly maintained dryer vents are the leading cause of appliance fires, cause nearly 17,000 dryer fires every year (source) and over $194 million in property damages. Educating on proper maintenance (having the dryer vent cleaned once a year) as well as displaying proper vs. improper venting materials puts the Chelsea community one step closer to preventing another dryer fire.

Dryer fire warning signs include:

  • Clothes taking longer than one cycle to dry a load, especially jeans and towels
  • Dryer repeatedly stopping during a cycle
  • No lint on the lint screen
  • Clothes having a moldy smell after the dry cycle

Make sure to have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned by a professional once a year to reduce the risk of a dryer fire and increase the efficiency of your dryer.