During the month of November through National Sock Day (December 4, 2022), Dryer Vent Wizard®, a Neighborly® company, in collaboration with Sock It To ‘Em Campaign, is helping to raise awareness about how sock donations can provide warmth to those in need during the winter season. Gathering socks for donation to homeless shelters across the U.S. is a small act of love can make a big difference.

Why should we be donating socks?

Hiring someone to fix your plumbing or paint the exterior of your home is commonplace, but many homeowners don’t realize the importance of hiring someone to clean or repair dryer vents. And unlike a busted pipe or chipping paint, unkempt dryer vents can lead to life-threatening outcomes.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 15,000 dryer fires occur in homes annually. That’s 40 dryer fires a day or one every 36 minutes! Recently, publications like

This is Why You Should NEVER Leave Your Dryer Running When You're Not at Home or Asleep! A 10-year old boy's quick thinking saved his family from a dryer fire. Jackson and his mother were about to leave the house to run errands with the dryer running. Luckily for their family and pets, when the 10-year old went to switch the laundry over, he noticed a popping noise and alerted his mother. When she opened the dryer, smoke and flames poured out. Jackson, a life-long fan of the

If you live in a cold climate, you know winter can be long and burdensome. From neverending cabin fever to extra layers and bundling up, winter always seems to go on forever as you search for the first signs of spring.

But, those extra layers add more than just warmth. According to FEMA, dryer fires happen most frequently in January due to consistent drying of bulky items like warm, heavy clothing and blankets.

If you’ve ever worn an itchy wool sweater, you know how

Fire Prevention Month may be coming to a close, but fire safety is a year-round concern. Taking the month of October to focus on things you could be doing better, or should be paying attention to is a great way to be proactive about protecting your home and family from the dangers associated with fire.

If your home was to catch on fire, it is vital that all members of your family know how to safely evacuate, small children included. The most effective way to ensure

On September 8th, we laced up our sneakers and hit the starting line for the 2018 Tough Mudder. This year the race stood up to its name - the race was tough, but we were tougher! We pulled together as a team and completed 10 miles and 27 obstacles in windy, rainy, 50-degree conditions. We came through muddy, victorious, and proud to say we have raised nearly $2,000 for The Children’s Burn Foundation.

The saying “a recipe for disaster” isn’t lost on the anatomy of a dryer fire. There are many simple components that come together creating the unfortunate, yet perfect environment for igniting a dryer fire. Being knowledgeable of these risks helps you become proactive in maintaining items around your home and property that will keep your family safe.

These brave Dryer Vent Wizard mud warriors are raising funds once again to donate to the Children's Burn Foundation, a non-profit organization "dedicated to providing support services for child burn survivors, ages 0-18 and their families.” Burn victims are particularly important to Dryer Vent Wizard, as our mission is to keep people safe from fires created by clogged dryer vents. We greatly appreciate any and all donations you can make to support this cause!

To donate select the

Did you know that there are alternative uses for your seemingly useless dryer lint?

Who knew the dusty remnants of dried laundry could have a second life outside of the lint trap and dryer vent. Used dryer lint is perfect for crafting, absorbing spills, and will create the best campfire for making s’mores. So, before tossing out your dryer lint, consider upcycling it into something fun and useful this summer.

Here are a few things you can do with

When the discussion of allergies comes up, it is easy to think of the more common allergens like pollen, dust, and peanuts. While these are quite popular, did you know there are a number of hidden allergens in homes that can cause a host of respiratory issues and, in extreme cases, death?

A clogged dryer vent is a breeding ground for hidden allergens, but never fear! We want to help you identify some of the causes we regularly see:



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