Dryer Vent Wizard on The Appliance Doctor

Dryer Vent Wizard, Keith O’Loane visited Joe Gagnon The Appliance Doctor on WAAM Talk 1600, who for more than 25 years has helped thousands by guiding them through major appliance repairs, to discuss dryer fire safety and true stories from the field.

In an effort to prevent future dryer fires, and keep homes safe O’Loane, a Dryer Vent Wizard professional in Kentucky, explained that PVC, plastic, and foil vents are not code compliant materials to use as dryer vents, and can even build up mold and mildew in the dryer vent system. O’Loane also went on to say that it’s important to educate consumers on proper venting materials. Nearly 60% of the customers he services still use plastic and foil materials to vent their dryer, which are major fire hazards!

When asked about some of the most dangerous/different situations he’s seen, O’Loane detailed three occasions in which vent lines were improperly installed, used non code compliant materials, and that nearly caused a dryer fire in the customers home and/or apartment complex. O’Loane actually witnessed a dryer fire occur during his initial inspection of a customers dryer vent. Luckily he was there to replace the dryer vent and get the lint out!

To hear more from Keith O’Loane on his discussion of dryer vent safety, including topics of critters, sanitation, measuring proper air flow, and how to keep your home safe, listen to the audio file from Joe Gagnon, The Appliance Doctor WAAM Talk 1600 show or view the transcript.

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