Top 5 Strangest Dryer Vent Finds

Ever wondered where that sock disappeared to? If both went into the dryer, how did one escape? Did you think to have the dryer vent checked? It just so happens that the dryer vent is a secret trove of lost treasures. Our Dryer Vent Wizards have found an abundance of bizarre items stuffed deep in dryer vent lines.

We’ve checked our archives and, after much deliberation (and a few chuckles), have narrowed the various odd dryer vent discoveries to our top 5 favorites.

A Tiny Dinosaur

2016_6_27-MBurrow_TRex.JPGCleaning this dryer vent felt like living in The Land of the Lost! Small toys and trinkets left in pockets can slip from the dryer into the vent through the lint trap.

Remember: Check all pockets before starting a load of laundry. Be extra careful with lighters and the like! Flammable items left in pockets may start a fire due to the high dryer heat.





One Squirrel's Winter Feast

TJohnson_10_2014_nuts_1.jpgDryer vents are warm, cozy, and insulated with lint making them the perfect place for squirrels to keep their winter food stored. While this is perfect for the squirrels, it is trouble for the homeowners.

Additionally, squirrels, birds, and snakes (yes, even snakes) love making their homes in dryer vents. We recommend all homeowners invest in safe, code compliant vent covers for where your vent terminates outside your home. The three louver vent cover is considered good. However, the pest-proof cover which is a dual flap design is considered best.






The Long-Lost Sandal

April 3.jpgThis find even has us scratching our heads…  this single, lonely pink sandal has been entangled in a DIY dryer vent cleaning tool, which was then stuck in the dryer vent. How did it get there? When did it land in the vent? Despite the mysteries surrounding this find one thing is clear: adding an ineffective DIY dryer vent cleaning tool to the list of strange items wedged in your vent is not a good thing!

DIY tools often get stuck deep within the vent, restricting the airflow further, and creating more of an issue. We always recommend hiring a professional to really get the job done right.






Soda-Pop Bottle

soda bottle in vent line.jpgThis is not a joke. Yes, a whole plastic bottle was unearthed from the depths of this dryer vent line. No wonder the time it took to dry items was so long!

When large items clog dryer vents they can potentially damage the vent lines, and worse, they increase the risk of fire. Additionally, the backed up steam from the dryer has nowhere to go but into your walls where it may cause mold to grow and endanger your family.




A Trio of Tennis Balls

Tennis balls.pngNow, who could be responsible for this fuzzy find? We suspect Fido hides his toys in the dryer vent for safe keeping. These tennis balls caused a real problem, and potential fire disaster, for the home. Notice the distorted color of the tennis ball on the right - so much heat was building up in the dryer that it nearly caused a home fire.






Ready to find out what strange and curious finds are waiting in your dryer vent? Find your Wizard today!